With Coachbrokers you can extend your coaching portfolio both quantitatively and qualitatively.


Our offer

-   Effective marketing materials and exposure (publications, trade-fair appearances, homepages, clips, testimonials) to decision-makers in different sectors
-   Engagement in local and international coaching projects through worldwide cooperation with coaching providers and major customers
-   Coordinated project and quality management
-   High quality contracting and resources throughout the coaching process (contracts, discussion transcripts, preparation and coaching follow-up)
-   Access to a central profiling tool and methodology database
-   Simple, transparent billing system for Coaches and sponsors (web-based billing system)
-   Regular supervision and training possibilities



To enable all partners involved in Coachbrokers to get optimum value, we offer – in collaboration with the University of St. Gallen - a worldwide assessment of all Coaches. This process, undertaken once an initial project is agreed, is designed to align the motivation, interests, experience and approaches of the Coaches with the expectations and demands of those seeking to benefit from the expertise of Coachbrokers.

The assessment is a three-step process:


1.   Personal motivation interview with a Coachbroker in your region
2.   Electronic assessment by the University of St. Gallen
3.   Evaluation of the assessment


All Coaches who have undergone the assessment at the University of St. Gallen receive their coaching profile that can then be used either at Coachbrokers or for their own marketing.


What can you bring us? Michèle Rellstab ( ) will be happy to answer your questions. Or send us details on the following contact form, so that we can get in touch with you to arrange a non-binding preliminary discussion with a Coachbroker in your region as soon as possible.