Are you looking for Executive Coaches for your board members or senior management? Or Leadership Coaches for your specialists and middle managers? We will find the right Coach for you, locally and worldwide - at the approprate level, experienced in the field and results-oriented.


Quality assurance and control

We guarantee quality worldwide of all processes through a unique quality assignment system.

All of our coaches:

  • Have successfully passed a unique assessment centre of the University of St-Gallen
  • Have a recognised accredited coaching qualification
  • Have personal previous experience of working in a senior organisational role
  • Have significant experience working as a professional coach
  • Undertake regular supervision with a qualified coaching supervisor
  • Have subscribed to a professional coaching body (e.g. ICF, EMCC, AC) and its code of ethics

Coachbrokers apply a web-based coaching management system that allows integrated measurement, trend analysis and quality control. Therefore, if one coaching assignement is behind expectations, we provide support or can exchange coaches, if necessary.


Coherent and success-oriented 

Coachbrokers offers a consistent and outcome focused approach to all projects, ensuring a coherent coaching engagement throughout your organisation.


Embedding existing development measures

Whether as management support or a vehicle for 360º feedback, to supplement your own coaching pool or enhance internal / external training programmes - Coachbrokers can be easily integrated into your existing management development measures.


Success guarantee

While we can not be responsible for the precise content of a coaching engagement, we guarantee that any coaching programme that has not delivered the agreed objective will be brought to a successful conclusion with another Coach without further cost implications. 


Michèle Rellstab ( will be happy to answer your questions. Or send us your details on the contact form, so that we can get in touch with you to arrange a non-binding preliminary discussion of your needs as soon as possible and with no obligation.